Breakfast. Lunch. #LaCena.

(LA CENA MEANS Dinner for those who do not speak Spanish)

We're definitely not a new brand. We've been there, done that and looking to bring the best products to the market.
In matter of fact, La Cena has been around for more than 50 years and offers over 300 Hispanic food products imported from all over the world.


Our Familia of Brands


Bringing Spain’s tradition of exquisite preserved seafood in cans. Our extensive Bajamar line of canned seafood will remind you of that trip to the Spanish coast.


Casa Real

Turron is frequently consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain. This holiday specialty is available in Alicante (hard) or Jijone (soft). Try it for the holidays.



Because authentic Mexican flavors matter, we created our D’Sabor product line. Try our authentic corn tostadas, spicy pork chorizo, gelatins, rice puddings and more.


La Cena

What started as a Caribbean brand today has evolved into the number 2 hispanic brand. Our line offers Hispanic food products imported from all over the world.


La Gaita / El Gaitero

Sparkling traditional non-alcoholic drinks with with a sweet apple flavor. This sparkling apple cider comes from areas in Spain famous for their cider. This is a fun addition to any fiesta.


La Taquera de Casa

The right taco starts with the right tortilla. La Taquera de Casa offers an authentic taste and high quality tortilla products. We offer corn and flour and even masa for Tamales.


Palacio Real

Spanish conservas from Palacio Real are considered among the best canned goods in the world. Try our bonito also known as tuna or our sardines in a variety of sauces.



Say “Cheese” – no photo, just really good cheese. Riquesito offers delicious Fresco, Cotija and Quesadilla Shred along with a sour cream.



Offering a blend of Tex-Mex flavors. Our Texicano Chicharrones (Pork Rinds) make delicious snacks on their own or taste great with in a warm green sauce.



This is a product line for those who love tomatoes. Our products are made from the best tomatoes and have become a staple in all Hispanic’s pantries.


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